Cardiovascular Medicine

At Oklahoma State University Medical Center we are Oklahomans treating Oklahomans.  Our commitment runs deep to you – our patients – our reasons for being.

We have assembled the finest group of cardiovascular specialists and sub specialists within our cardiovasuclar services team who not only understand your heart, but who also understand your culture.  Your attitudes.  Your jobs.  Your lives.

Because only with those shared bonds can you receive the depth  of caring that it takes to traverse some of life’s most trying moments.  At OSUMC, our physicians, technicians and nursing professionals are dedicated to not only providing excellence in health care delivery to every patient, every time.  We are also dedicated to your comfort, satisfaction and clarity in navigating the sometimes confusing waters of health care.

Our approach to cardiovascular disease recognizes the fact that our hearts do not exist in a world separate from the rest of our being.  Our comprehensive cardiovascular program benefits from a fully integrated hospital setting where we can treat you as the whole of your many parts.

Please let us show you, at Oklahoma State University Medical Center Cardiovascular Services.