Maternal Child Health

Welcome to the Completely Renovated Department of Maternal Child Health

At OSU Medical Center, it’s a privilege to be a part of this important moment in your life. Our goal is to put you at ease by providing a secure, family-friendly and comfortable environment.  Special equipment needed during your delivery is tucked in the walls – out of sight, while still close at hand for your medical team.  The Maternal Child Health Center is staffed with a team of health care professionals who are experienced and passionate about delivering babies.

A wide variety of medical professionals are available 24-hours a day, including neonatalogists, neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists.

The new Maternal Child Health Center includes large, multi-purpose rooms, allowing and facilitating infant-parent bonding.  The 13-multipurpose Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum, private patient rooms are large enough to accommodate a woman during labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum, her healthy newborn, family members or guests a medical team and medical equipment. Two of the rooms are ADA compliant

We welcome you to our new unit and can’t wait to be a part of this moment in your life. For tours and more information about how you can deliver at OSU Medical Center call 918-599-5355.