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Endometriosis Awareness

Endometriosis is caused when cells from the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) begin to grow outside of a woman's uterus, typically on the ovaries or other organs in the abdomen. Endometriosis can cause infertility and pain in the lower pelvis. The cause of endometriosis is unknown, but there are treatment options for the disease.

Endometriosis affects every woman differently. Common symptoms of endometriosis are:

OSU Collaborates with ILÚM to Fight Infectious Diseases with Cutting-edge Technology

TULSA, O.K., Nov. 29, 2017 – Oklahoma State University  Medical Center (OSUMC) has announced an innovative collaboration with ILÚM Health Solutions to support the management of infectious disease patients. ILÚM, created by Merck’s Healthcare Services and Solutions (HSS) business unit, will work with OSUMC to improve infectious...